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Rapid Spa can custom order Lloyd Flanders patio furniture!
Stop in to browse through the catalog and choose your styl & fabric.

Marshall B. Lloyd was world famous for his fine hand woven wicker furniture and baby buggies made in Menominee, Michigan since 1906. In 1917 he patented a revolutionary new process for the manufacture of wicker. Wicker fabric was woven from a twisted fiber made of kraft paper.

This woven wicker was the simple beginning of a brand new category of exceptional quality, innovative furniture that could be mass-produced. He called it Lloyd® Loom.

Between 1920 and 1940, Mr. Lloyd produced many new, unique furniture designs — from large settees to small wastepaper baskets — that furnished residential homes as well as commercial properties.

Lloyd®/Flanders has since adapted many of the early designs for presentations in current wicker collections. Original designs using the Lloyd® Loom wicker fabric range from traditional to contemporary ... for use indoors or outdoors in casual settings.

Lloyd® Loom products have been enjoyed at Buckingham Palace, the U.S. Open, Wimbledon, on the London Northeast Railway and other notable places around the world.


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